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Here at CHOICE TREASURES we value talent. We recognize the rare values and highlight them when we shine the light on you. y of ways. See some stories on the projects page. We offer our clients inspiration, alternative perspectives, practical advise and help, wind beneath your wings to soar you toward your personal and professional goals with ease. Our new client packages are designed to assist specific niche markets to flourish. We believe there is room in every market for many successful businesses. Large businesses that monopolize markets tend to over look the value of talent in specialized fields. If you are building a career in a specialized field one of our packages may have already been specially tailored for you. If you know what your long term and immediate goals are we have the road-map for your success waiting for you to pick it up. Start your journey to success today.

Event planning support includes festivals, civil and religious ceremonies, entertainment, corporate commemorations, fund-raisers, or conferences. Support includes assisting with the details of location, budget, lodging, decorations, beverages, food, entertainment, transportation, activities, invitations, post event surveys, or all of the above.

Social Media Presence, Production assistance, Editing, Photography, Videography, are a few services. Professional Props by Terry [The Stone Lady] Milton, Mac, Tristan, Villu, White, Louis, Garry, who are a few clients we have done Projects and events for.